Sophia Brown is ready for the road

Reggae singer Sophia Brown says she is looking forward to reuniting with her fans across the United States as she embarks on her first tour there in four years.

“I leave the island on Saturday and my tour starts officially on July 2. I will break briefly for my daughter’s showing at Miami Swim Week and then I pick up back and go all the way into November,” she said. “I am very rusty when it comes on to the stage because after my accident (in 2017) and then the pandemic, it’s like I am starting over. But I am excited because I get to do what I love again.”

Brown is excited to be rehearsing with the Vibes Unit band, and believes she is getting ‘back in the groove’.

“I tell people all the time that I am married to music. It’s my passion. I missed the road, the fans, the music, the excitement of it all,” she said. “Being away from what I love for four years, it’s like I am craving this. It’s time to get over the separation phase and so we’re going on the road to test the waters.”

Brown, who has secured new management with Worlwide Services LLC, based in Illinois, says she has been hitting the gym to ensure she builds enough stamina for the gruelling five-month tour.

“The entertainment industry is recovering slowly but surely especially in the US and if my body is telling me that yes I can go, that’s what I am going to do. The knee injury still plagues me a little but I have to face the music and get back into this phase of my life,” she said.

Her first show is in Illinois at the East Jerk Festival.

Well aware that she will have to undergo a myriad of COVID tests and could face mandatory vaccination to continue her tour, Brown says she is mentally prepared for all eventualities that will come from touring during a pandemic.

“I am terrified of needles but if it boils down to me taking vaccine so I can continue with shows and tours, then I will take it and do what needs to be done,” she said.

– S.G.