Sophia Brown sings of love after hurt

In July 2017, Sophia Brown stared death in the face when she was involved in an auto accident in Baltimore, Maryland. She and two colleagues, who were also in the car, suffered serious injuries.

After a rigid rehabilitative process the singer has gradually made her way back to the recording booth. Her latest song, Baby When You Left , is a lovers’ rock track that will fittingly be released on Valentine’s Day.

Brown co-produced the song with Sidney Mills, a seasoned keyboardist who has worked in a similar capacity with Steel Pulse, Ziggy Marley, Larry McDonald, and Shabba Ranks.

“I am a very big fan of lovers’ rock because that is the style of music I am good at singing, and I won many awards for singing in that genre,” said Brown.

Since resuming recording, she has released a handful of singles including Changes (with Ginjah) and the patriotic Only Jamaica. In the summer of 2018 she released Change, her third album.

For Baby When You Left, Brown reunited with Mills with whom she collaborated on The Spotlight, her first album which came out in 2009. She credits Mills’ straight-shooter approach for enhancing the song.

“I am very comfortable working with him because he leaves you to have your creative space, and if he sees room for improvement he will step in and give you the constructive criticism that makes you want to do better creatively,” Brown stated.

Baby When You Left will be one of the songs from Brown’s first EP, which is tentatively scheduled for release by summer. It would be her biggest project since the life-threatening mishap.

“I really was in a dark place, far away from music. Right now I feel safe to say that music has my full attention, and this EP is very important to me coming back fully to what I really love to do,” she said.