Jamaican Singer Sophia Brown Using Music to Heal

In the summer of 2017, Jamaican singer Sophia Brown was involved in an auto accident that left her and two friends seriously injured.


After rigorous physiotherapy, Brown gradually recovered and resumed her career one year after the life-threatening incident.
In December, she released the heartfelt ballad, Baby When You Left, her latest single.

“When you are in pain nothing can take away what you are feeling, especially after having post-surgery swelling and not being able to move your body around, and you almost always need assistance to move from one point to the next,” said Brown. “Not only that, the medication that you are given is so strong that you start to wonder if it was designed to help you get well or to get you addicted.”
Making music again has been less stressful and even more therapeutic for the sultry Brown. With Baby When You Left, the Jamaican artist maintains her ties to Lovers Rock.

“Everyone in some point of their life has gone through a breakup or has had their heart broken before, and looking at the flip side, it is actually the woman asking the man for forgiveness. People regardless of gender, can relate to the story the song tells,” she said.
Baby When You Left is produced by Sidney Mills, a keyboardist who recorded and toured for many years with Grammy-winning British band Steel Pulse.

The song entered the influential Foundation Radio Network Chart (which covers South Florida and the tri-state area) shortly after its release.

That’s the appropriate medicine for Sophia Brown who began recording 13 years ago.

“When you start feeling better you start to think about being your old self and want to get back to your old routine, so I started to miss music being on stage. So I would say yes, definitely after the tough times have passed you are a bit more comfortable,” she said.